Monday, March 27, 2006


Seven thousand words into a new novel. Came up with a working title I can live with.

I'll do anything to avoid working on taxes. Suddenly, no writer's block now that I need to do taxes. Moving is a killer---two states worth of forms. I want to jump into an advertisement I saw today--a white deserted beach.

There's nothing like a deadline. Back to my Receipt Safari.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Back on the Scene for Now

Live from the parking lot of JA’s bar. Reporting in Melissa Rivers style but red carpet nowhere in sight at this joint.

“A stream of swillers all waving their SASE’s for admittance has converged tonight here at JA’s. Personally, I’m not setting foot inside until MG lets me know if they serve a mean margarita and allow Ferragamos on the sawdust.

“Dana! Over here. What’s the buzz? Something big going on in there tonight?”

“Word is Lisa and MG are giving a live musical performance.”

“So they’re branching into the music business?”

“Gotta go. There’s a Chinese Champion waiting on the bar with my name on it.” Dana swaggers away. Hey where did she learn to swagger with panache? The last time I saw here was after a Rogue Reading when we staggered to the elevator.

“M.G.! Lisa! Over here by the mike. Free press girls! Word is you’re on-stage tonight.”

M.G., hands on hips and computer bag hanging from shoulder (may be a permanent appendage). “I’ve told you more than once to return to Blogland and get with it. I got songs to sing. Outta here.” She tosses dark hair and walks off SASE sticking out of her back pocket.

“Lisa….wait. You got anything to say before you take the stage?”

Lisa sniffs. “I smell an inaccurately used word somewhere.” Looks around, narrows eyes. “I’ve got to get in there and down a Purple Destiny before the show starts.”

“Order me a margarita, frozen, with salt, Lisa.” Car zooms into parking lot and blocks entrance to bar. “That’s it folks. Reporting live from JA’s on Live Performance Night…….wait. is that E.A.?”

“I need a Pap Smear double on the rocks.” E.A. eyes still glazed from Tax Tensions. Waving her tax forms. “What does a girl need to get in here?”

“Here I have some extra SASE’s.” Sharon pulls one from the endless supply in her knockoff leather purse (never take the real thing to a bar).

“SASE’s. Ha! I’ll just knock the bouncer out with my 25 lbs. of screen play and we’ll walk in free.”

Music starts. Stamping heard in inside. Or is it a stampede?

Friday, March 03, 2006

Why Write?

Lately I've been thinking about why I continue to write. E.A. Bardwill's post opened a Pandora's Box for me. Why keep writing? The answers I've come up with (so far):

1. Why not? It's a way to exercise my free will and choose to do what I want to do.
2. Because I like to write.
3. I love language, words, telling a story.

Interesting that none of these first three reasons have to do with money. And it's a good thing because most writers don't strike it "big." Most, I'm convinced labor in obscurity with a lot of angst and a lot of hope. And even those who get the big deals--like a friend of mine--still have a lot of angst and a lot of hope---and a lot of new deadlines. So I write, submit, wait and wait and write some more.